Holding Company


Shaikh Ali Abdullah Alesayi, the founder of Alesayi Holding Company (AHC) introduced one of the most active, largest and leading trading industry dwells in Saudi Arabia and GCC region. Our group has focused its efforts on challenging modern industries by vigorously participating and encompassing in trading operations and industries. We are the confident handlers of the enormous distribution network of some famous and well known international brands through our trading divisions.

Alesayi Tires

Alesayi group is also reckoned among one of the best tire traders in the Kingdom. Its history is more than 50 years old since 1958.

Alesayi Beverage Co. [ABC]

Alesayi Beverage Corporation was established in 1968. It is specialized in the production of wide range of beverages like soft drinks, energy drinks, and juices available in different flavors.

Alesayi Industrial Equipment & Paint

Alesayi is also famous and professional in making industrial equipment and workshop tools. We also proved to be a leader in this field and became one of the most trusted international brand and suppliers in the region. It operates under ATC (Alesayi Motors) and has a wide range of branches throughout Kingdom mainly depends on its loyal distributors to reach its specialized customers.

Alesayi Food Stuff Co.

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Alesayi is one of the top ranked company in supply and distribution of foodstuff throughout the country. It is a name of trust and has a well and widely established distribution network of different types of food stuff. With the cooperation of its sister companies, Alesayi emerged as a vital role trouper in the foodstuff market of Saudi Arabia. After all that success, AHC decided to have production units in GCC region as well as an installation of NUTS factory in Abu Dhabi by 2017.

Alesayi Distribution Company Ltd. (ADC) & Alesayi Marketing Company Ltd. (AMC)

Our distribution and marketing companies flourished and successes not only in domestic market but international market because we engage with our suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, stakeholders and employees to get our products and services to the market. We ensure that they understand the importance of providing quality products and customer services. ADC and AMC provide best of their services by considering their target market and the logistics involved in getting their products and services to the clients. To sustain their services level they have set up a regional office in Dubai to deal with Export sales and marketing via satellite offices in different countries.

Unity Cement Co.

Union Cement Company Limited was established in the period of 2007/2010 as a limited liability company. The efforts of the main founder, Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al-Esayi, (MSRIP) have contributed to building this development and investment as a natural result of his experience in the field of trade and industry in the Middle East since the mid of the last century . The company produces three types of cement (Ordinary Portland cement, Pouslan cement and Sulfate Resistant cement) And the company is seeking to increase its production capacity by opening additional production lines in the near future.

Our Goals

  • Our goal is to deliver our products and services to our customers on demand with newest innovations and suitable prices.
  • Be honest, fair a dependable! To working within client’s budget.
  • To understand our customer’s need, desires, and their perspective so they have an assurance that their opinion has been honored.
  • To make sure that all the aspects of the job are completed in time and are not running over the schedule.
  • To keep our employees satisfied by conducting a feedback and getting suggestions from their side.
  • Continuously strive to provide our customers with best services, regardless of whether their orders are in a large quantity or small.
  • To maintain the quality of our product and services without any disruption or discontinuity.
  • To provide an opportunity for new investors from new geographical areas to invest and develop a friendly relationship with the Alesayi group.
  • To take pre-actions rather than reactions on any kind of casualty or delay in the business affair.
  • To avoid stereotype kind of ideas and keep inventing something new to cope up with the increasing technological era.