Starting from the very first beverage filling line Alesayi has proved itself as the best of taste and took a permanent place in one of the leading beverage industrials and distributors worldwide. From the beginning Alesayi group is committed to improvement, innovation and meeting up the challenges faced in the market time to time. Grounding on these efforts and meeting up customer expectations the company has been widely praised and appreciated by their customers.

The beverages are as follows:


Brands: Alsi Cola, Fifa Orange, Fifa Frooty, Fifa pomegranate, Fifa Apple, Fifa Citrus, Leemo-1, Streem, Reemo and Fifa-iso sport.
Packing Types : 2pcs Cans 250 ml and 355 ml, Returnable Glass Bottled 250 ml, SSPET 600 ml, MSPET 2.25 litter and NRB 300 ml.


Brands: Mega Mango, Mega Guava, Mega apple and Mega Mixed fruits.
Packing types: NRB 200 ml Glass and SSPET.

Brands: Mardina Cola, Orange, Mango, Apple, Frooty, and Guava.
Packaging Type: Tetra-Pak 200 ml.

Brands: Beta Cola, Beta Orange, Beta Mango, Beta Apple.
Packaging Type: Plastic cups 225 ml.

Brands: Wadan & Fineton.
Packaging Type: NRG 725ml Cordial syrup.


According to the latest survey conducted in Saudi market October 2015, ABC is producing about 49.9 percent of the overall energy drinks.

Brands: Code Red, Code Mix.
Packaging Type: 250 ml and 355ml cans.

The integrated use of techniques in production lines has spurred the production of the raw material into final goods more efficiently. Alesayi has been proficiently working on designing the new production lines to improve performance through low or zero cost.

  • Plastic Boxes Production line: Produces plastic boxes and any sort of plastic injection mold.
  • Pre-forms Production line (PET pre-forms): Produces PET pre-forms which are used in blow molding machines.
  • Caps Production line: Produces plastic caps all kind of plastic bottles.