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Flow Racking

Pallet flow storage systems use a combination of elevated rails and dynamic components (wheels, rollers, conveyors) within a rack supported structure. Pallets are loaded on the high end of the rolling lane and move towards the other end by force of gravity where they are ready to be unloaded.

We manufacture gravity-driven bearing and conveyor technology. These systems exclusively use gravity driven roller systems. This eliminates the need for expensive electrical wiring and additional electricity costs.


FIFO Principle

FIFO or First In, First Out means that the goods first stored are the first removed. The loading and picking sides areseparated from one another. This system is referred to as live storage or flow storage. Some of its advantages include good utilisation of the storage space and the easy monitoring of perishable goods.


LIFO Principle

With the LIFO principle (Last In, First Out) or Push-Back storage, the most recently stocked goods are removed first. They are loaded and removed from the same side.